Special Theme Edition on the Current Ukrainian Crisis:   Volume 22, No. 3  (Summer 2014)

The East West Church &  Ministry Report has issued a special theme edition examining the impact of the current Ukrainian crisis on the church and ministries in Ukraine and Russia.

This theme issue is now available in pdf format in English,  Russian, and Ukrainian.

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  • The Ukrainian Revolution and Christian Churches, Roman Lunkin
  • The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on Religious Life in Ukraine and Russia, Mark R. Elliott
  • Growing Russian Restrictions on Religious Activities, Lauren B. Homer
  • The Current and Possible Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on Ukrainian Protestants, Sergiy Tymchenko
  • A Donetsk Evangelical Perspective on the Ukraine Crisis, Vyacheslav Khalanskyy
  • After Maidan, Mykhailo Cherenkov
  • Slaviansk, Ukraine:  An Epicenter of Charity and War, Karen Springs
  • Evangelicalism in Eastern Ukraine: Drifting between Division and Unity, John E. White

pdf file

  • Elliott, Mark R. Church-Based Alcohol Rehabilitation in the Former Soviet Union, 1-4
  • Oxbrow, Mark, Anglican Mission in Post-Soviet Europe – a Personal Retrospective, 4-5
  • Manastireanu, Danut, After Communism: Forty Years in the Desert? 5-7
  • Borenstein, Eliot, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior as Scandal and Haunted House, 7-8
  • Elliott, Mark R. Comparing Levels of Religious Restrictions in Post-Soviet States, 9
  • MacPhee, Peggy J., Missionaries in Bulgaria: Bulgarian and Western, 10-13
  • Belyaev, Demyan, Occult and Esoteric Doctrines in Russia after the Collapse of
  • Communism, 13-15
  • Menzel, Birgit, Occult and Esoteric Beliefs in Russia Today, 16, 15