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  • CHERVONENKO, SERGEY with MARK R. ELLIOTT, Tithes, Offerings, and Stewardship in Russian Evangelical Churches, 1-4
  • RODGERS, DICK, Campaigning for the Release of Irina Ratushinskaya: Personal Reminiscences, 4-6
  • ELLIOTT, MARK R., Greenhouse gardening for the Purpose of Self-Sustaining Ministry In the Former Soviet Union, 6
  • ELLIOTT, MARK R., Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism: Will They Continue Their Sibling Rivalry or Make Common Cause in Combatting Secularization? 7-10
  • MILLER, MATTHEW LEE, American Orthodox Philanthropy and Outreach: Global Ventures since 1989 in Russia and Eastern Europe, 11-13
  • WHITEMAN, KRISTINA, The Work of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center in Albania, 13-15
  • An Overview of Orthodox Philanthropy, 16, 15
  • BARAN, EMILY B., Jehovah’s Witnesses Banned in Russia, 1-3
  • WHITE, JOHN, Factors behind the Ukrainian Evangelical Missionary Surge, 1989-1999, 3-8
  • PARENIUK, ALBINA with RAY LeCLAIR and CINDY LeCLAIR, Educational Institutions Founded by Religious Organizations in Ukraine, 8-11
  • OLEINIK, OLGA, The Orthodox Mission Network, 11-12
  • MILKOV, KOSTAKE, Maximus the Confessor’s Answer to Balkan—and  Broader—Disarray, 12-15
  • NATALIA TURLAC, Moldova: Prevention of Trafficking Through Job Training, 16, 15
  • HOMER, LAUREN B., Making Sense of the Anti-Missionary Provisions of Russia’s 2016 Anti-Terrorism Legislation, 1-7
  • LUNKIN, ROMAN, Religious Politics in Crimea, 2014-2016, 7-10
  • ALYOTKIN, HERMAN, Conscientious Objector Status in Russia Today, 10-13
  • WARNER, CHARLEY, Compiler, Resources on Refugees in Europe, 13-14
  • ELLIOTT, MARK R., Review Essay of Wallace L. Daniel’s Russia’s Uncommon Prophet: Father Aleksandr Men and His Times, 16, 14-15.
  • LUNKIN, ROMAN, Religious Politics in Crimea, 2014-2016, 1-3.
  • Religious Associations in Crimea (29 July 2016), 3.
  • PENNER, PETER, The Slavic Bible Commentary, 4-5.
  • SONGULASHVILI, MALKHAZ, A Merging of Protestant and Orthodox Theology and
    Practice: Evangelical Christian Baptists of Georgia, 5-8.
  • FILATOV, SERGEI, Review of Malkhaz Songulashvili, Evangelical Christian Baptists of Georgia: The History and Transformation of a Free Church Tradition. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2015, 8.
  • BENHAM, STEVEN, Letter to the Editor, 9.
  • ANONYMOUS, A Response to Songulashvili from Georgian Evangelicals, 9.
  • SNYDER, AVI, Jews for Jesus in a Post-Soviet World, 9-12.
  • KORYAKIN, SERGEY, Orthodox-Evangelical Conversations in Moscow: An Orthodox Perspective, 12.
  • MAURER, JOHAN, Orthodox-Evangelical Conversations in Moscow: A Protestant
    Perspective, 13-14.
  • PANKHURST, JERRY G. AND VYACHESLAV KARPOV, Letter to the Editor, 14-15.
  • WARNER, CHARLEY, Bucharest Conference on Refugee Ministry in Europe, 15.
  • KUCHMA, ANNA, Where Does the Russian Orthodox Church Get Its Money? 16, 15.