East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 12, No. 4, Fall 2004, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Letters to the Editor

I read the article on European values [12 (Spring 2004), 8-9] and would have to say that the results pretty well mirror my experience. I would only wonder whether the interpretation of some of the terms is the same in each country. For example, it is hard to believe so many people are against bribery in some of the countries mentioned. But what do they see as bribery? Is it taking money to help people get away with something they shouldn’t? Or would they also consider as bribery taking “gifts” in appreciation for services to be rendered which are legally due the recipient? I suspect most people who take and give such gifts don’t consider it bribery.

Sharon Mumper Magazine Training Institute Baden-Leesdorf, Austria

Let me express my thanks and admiration for your making the Kosovo tragedy the topic of your lead article in the latest issue [12 (Summer 2004), 1-3]. Most of the self-proclaimed defenders of religious freedom in the Protestant world would have simply ignored the subject—all too often they seem to care about religious persecution only when it affects their fellow Protestants. (My fellow Orthodox are, of course, often equally guilty of such selectiveness.) Keep pursuing the truth, whether it’s popular or not!

Larry Uzzell, President International Religious Freedom Watch Fishersville, Virginia

We appreciate the honest evaluation of the church in Moldova in the latest East-West Church & Ministry Report [12 (Spring 2004), 13-14]. For anyone wanting to help Christians in the former Soviet Union, Oleg Turlac’s article hits the nail on the head. Change creates stress anywhere, but nowhere more than in a country and community that was isolated for generations. Helping the church go through change and embrace its new opportunities without polarizing the church can be a great contribution. Turlac’s article is right on and can be of great help in that process.

Hank Paulson, President New Hope International Colorado Springs, Colorado

Letters to the Editor, East-West Church & Ministry Report 12 (Fall 2004), 14.

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