East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 11, No. 4, Fall 2003, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Book Review

Theological Reflections. Reviewed by Oleg P. Turlac

The Euro-Asian Accrediting Association of Evangelical Theological Schools (CIS) published the first issue of Theological Reflections (Bogoslovskie razmyshlenia), Euro-Asian Theological Journal in Spring 2003. The purpose of the journal is to acquaint the contemporary Christian world with theological thought in the former Soviet Union. It publishes theological articles by authors in the evangelical tradition.

The aim of Theological Reflections is to provide space for the development of Eurasian theology and to stimulate Christian authors to reflect on theology and the practice of ministry in the Evangelical community in the former USSR. The first issue, with articles published in Russian and English, includes:"The Life of Jesus According to Paul" by Viktor Kalashnikov, member of the faculty of theology at Odessa Baptist Theological Seminary (Ukraine), "The Roots of Scientific Bible Criticism" by Johannes Lange, instructor in theology at St. Petersburg Christian University (Russia), "The Matrix of the New Covenant for Contextualizing the Gospel Among the Slavic Peoples" by Dr. Mark Saussy, professor of theology at Kyiv Theological Seminary (Ukraine), "The Significance of 'One Flesh' in Relation to Marriage" by Katharina Penner, instructor in New Testament Greek at the International Baptist Theological Seminary (Prague, Czech Republic), "The Lutheran Church in Ukraine: In Search of a National Identity" by Dr. Victoria Lyubashchenko, a member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Science, and "Paul Tillich's Position on Visual Arts and Architecture" by Michael V. Riaguzov, a graduate of Moscow Architectural Institute and architect of numerous Protestant church buildings in Russia.

Theological Reflections will be exceptionally helpful for missionaries working in the countries of the former Soviet Union and those seeking to understand the rich theological heritage of Evangelical Christians in Eurasia.

For more information about the journal go to www.e-aaa.org. The cost of a single issue is $3. The cost of mailing to Europe is an additional $3 and an additional $4.50 to North America. Checks can be sent to the following address: EAAA International, 335 Southcote Rd., Riverside, IL 60546; tel: 708-447-8773; fax: 708-447-8794; E-mail: sandylaw@ameritech.net.

Book Review, East-West Church & Ministry Report 11 (Fall 2003), 13.

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