East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 11, No. 2, Spring 2003, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Resource Note

Jena Abbott

Perceptions of a Great Country: Hunches and Pointers in Understanding Russia by Peter Lowman, including tributes to Peter Deyneka, Jr., is now available in a Russian- English diglot edition. Lowman's two-part essay, "Perceptions of a Great Country," was previously published in the East-West Church & Ministry Report 8 (Spring 2000 and Summer 2000).

The "Chronology of the Life of Peter Deyneka, Jr.," "Lessons for Ministry from the Life and Example of Peter Deyneka, Jr.," and several, but not all, of the tributes included in this 49-page booklet were previously published in the East-West Church & Ministry Report 9 (Winter 2001). The cost per copy is $1.00 U.S. or 30 rubles. To determine postage charges and to place orders, contact Barbara Christensen, Peter Deyneka Russian Ministries, Wheaton, IL 60182; tel: 603-462-1739; E-mail: barb@pdrm.org; or David Westrum or Nadia Emilianova, Association for Spiritual Renewal, Moscow, Russia; tel: 095-719-7945; E-mail: orders@asr.ru.

Resource Note, East-West Church & Ministry Report 11 (Spring 2003), 4.

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