East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 9, No. 3, Summer 2001, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Internet Resources

Sharyl Corrado, compiler

Absolutnie Fantastyczne - Wydawnictwa chrzescijanskie
http://www.af.com.pl/wzmacniacz.html (in Polish)
This pentecostal/charismatic publisher in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, produces a magazine and distributes Bibles, Christian books, videos, and tracts. Titles can be searched and ordered on-line. Books available include titles by Józef Kajfosz of Krakow, Poland, as well as such authors as Watchman Nee, Derek Prince, Kenneth Hagin, Yonggi Cho, Andrew Murray, and others.

Christian Camping International/Russia
http://www.ccirussia.org (in Russian and English)
Seeking to train and equip Christian camping leaders, CCI/Russia publishes resource and training materials on Christian camping in Russian, Latvian, and Georgian, and offers seminars for Christian camp directors.

Doukhobor Homepage
This private Canadian Web site compiles information on the Doukhobors (or Dukhobors), literally "spirit-wrestlers," a religious sectarian movement active in Imperial Russia since the mid-1700s. Severely persecuted, they were given permission in 1897 to emigrate to Canada, where they remain active to this day. Provides information on Doukhobor history, culture, and religious beliefs, as well as a bibliography of published sources and a directory of Doukhobor organizations. A similar, although less detailed, Web site on the Molokan sectarian movement can be found at http://gecko.gc.maricopa.edu/clubs/russian/molokan.

In Your Pocket City Travel Guides to Central and Eastern Europe
This commercial site provides extremely helpful, free on-line travel guides to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and the city of Kaliningrad. Provides information on the history, currency, customs, calendar, and economy of each country, as well as guides to major cities, contact information for government officials, and information for travelers.

International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights
The International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, a group of nongovernmental, not-for-profit organizations seeking to protect human rights in Europe, North America, and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union, gathers, analyzes, and disseminates information on human rights conditions in its regions. Recent studies on "Women's Rights in the Former Soviet Union and Central and South-Eastern Europe," "Torture and Inhuman Treatment or Punishment," "Religious Discrimination and Related Violations," and annual regional reports, are available free of charge online as well as in print.

Rostovskaia Tserkov Khrista Spasitelia [Rostov Church of Christ the Savior]
http://church.jeo.ru/ (in Russian)
The Web site of this Pentecostal Church in Rostov-na-Donu, Russia, provides a catalog of Russian-language Christian internet resources, including links to online Bibles, Christian educational institutions, publishers and literature distributors, churches, Christian organizations, music, and the arts. Links appear to be updated regularly.

Russkoe Pravoslavie [Russian Orthodoxy]
http://www.ortho-rus.ru/ (in Russian)
This official Web site of the Russian Orthodox Church is difficult to navigate but provides much extremely valuable information, such as contact information for church officials, monasteries, dioceses, and educational institutions; information on the saints, the history of the church, church news, and current events; and available print and internet resources.

Yakov Krotov's Library
http://www.krotov.org (in Russian and English)
Moscow church historian and journalist Yakov Krotov maintains a Web site that since 25 January 2001 has provided daily news about Christianity in Russia. By selecting "more" in the site's introductory paragraph, one may access links to information on Russian church history, art, saints, Bible studies, and Russian current affairs. Krotov's site also includes essays on Russian economics, politics, and church history.

Worldwide Faith News
http://www.wfn.org (in English, French, German, and Spanish)
This comprehensive database (1997-) offers official news releases and other documents, primarily from mainline Protestant and ecumenical sources. It indexes more than 14,000 documents, including numerous full texts from the United Methodist News Service, Lutheran World Information, Episcopal News Service, and more limited coverage from Adventist, Presbyterian, Church of the Brethren, and other sources. Its search engine offers the opportunity to focus on different areas of the world, such as the former Soviet Union or Eastern Europe.

Sharyl Corrado is a doctoral student in Russian history at the University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.

Sharyl Corrado, "Internet Resources," East-West Church & Ministry Report 9 (Summer 2001), 15.

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