East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 9, No. 3, Summer 2001, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Two Leading Christian Liberal Arts Institutions in the Former Soviet Union Celebrate 2001 Landmarks

On 4 March 2001 Lithuanian Christian College (LCC), Klaipeda, Lithuania, commemorated its tenth anniversary. Guests included American ambassador to Lithuania John Tefftt, Canadian ambassador Peter L. McKellar, and Lithuanian Ministry of Education official E. Kaspariuniene. Some 500 guests, including students and their parents, alumni, and church representatives, gathered for the occasion, which was reported on national TV and radio. LCC, accredited as a higher education institute by the Ministry of Science and Education of Lithuania, was established in 1991 on the initiative of the Lithuanian Christian Fund and the DeFehr Foundation of Canada. It has an enrollment of 827, with 343 bachelor of arts students, 184 enrolled in a Summer Language Institute, and 300 in a Community English Program. LCC, which offers majors in business administration, English, psychology/counseling, sociology/conflict mediation, and theology, has held classes at its new campus on the north side of Klaipeda since August 1999.

The Russian-American Christian University (RACU), a private, faith-based university that has been operating in Moscow for five years, held its first graduation exercise on 19 May 2001. Nineteen students received undergraduate degrees in business-economics or social work. All graduates are bilingual (Russian and English), competent in computer technologies, and have been trained in democratic and free market values and institutions. RACU currently enrolls 110 fulltime undergraduate students, with an anticipated enrollment of 135 for 2001/02. Majors are offered in business/economics, social work, and English. Courses are taught in Russian and English by 40 full- and part-time Russian and American faculty. In spring 2002 the university will begin construction of a five-story, 54,000 square foot facility on land recently purchased on the north side of Moscow near Babushkinskaya Metro.

"As we look to the future, we are very excited about the potential of our graduates to help build a 'New Russia'," says RACU founder and president, Dr. John Bernbaum. "RACU's mission is to equip young Russians to be future leaders of their nation and to be vital influences in the marketplace. As business people and social workers, they will provide leadership in their communities, in their local churches, and in their nation." 

Sources: Web sites for Lithuanian Christian College (www.lccbc.org) and the Russian-American Christian University (www.racu.org); correspondence from James Mininger (LCC) and Susan Clark (RACU); Elizabeth Wolfe, "Christian University Celebrates First Graduation," Moscow Times, 22 May 2001.

"Two Leading Christian Liberal Arts Institutions in the Former Soviet Union Celebrate 2001 Landmarks," East-West Church & Ministry Report 9 (Summer 2001), 12.

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