East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 9, No. 1, Winter 2001, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Letters to the Editor

Letters in response to Anne-Marie Kool, "Are Western Ministries Serious about Partnership with Hungary's Historic Churches?"

I don't know if Hungarian churches need to repent, but most American churches need to.  It is hard to believe anyone would go to Hungary without making reference to existing churches, or presume to be planting churches where no one else allegedly had planted them before.

John M. Lindner, Editor
Christian Mission
Christian Aid Mission
Charlottesville, VA

[Dr. Anne Marie Kool's editorial] offers insight into an area I have been concerned with--working with established churches in Eastern Europe who received the gospel centuries ago.  The challenge appears to be integrating the old and new streams of Christianity--maybe love and compassion will go a long way toward arranging it.

Jack Wallace
Mir Children's Foundation

Letter in Response to Mark Elliott's editorial, "I Will Not Leave You as Orphans."

Sorry--please forgive me, but I believe ecumenism is wrong!

In Christ,
Nikolaj <Pravoslavie@mail.ru>

Letter in Response to "The Role of Luck," Sharyl Corrado

I read your editorial in EWCMR 8.1 with great interest.  We are feeling acutely the struggle to balance teaching responsibilities with the need to build a solid foundation for living here.  We are also homeschooling our three children and struggling with helping them fit in Ukraine.  You are right in saying that these other responsibilities severely hamper our freedom to learn Russian.  Your words spoke immediately to me, encouraging me to not give up in pursuing this elusive language. My wife is tired and feeling like she wants to give up studying Russian "just for now, so I can get some other things done." I will show her what you wrote.  Thank you for your word of encouragement.

Brian Jones
Donetsk Christian University

"Letters to the Editor," East-West Church & Ministry Report 9 (Winter 2001), 15.

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