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Vol. 8, No. 4, Fall 2000, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe


Moscow's Esther Legal Information Center has prepared a CD-ROM containing a legal library of documents, federal and provincial legislation, and court cases relevant to the registration of Russian religious associations and missions. Russian churches may purchase the disc for $10 while others with more financial resources may make donations to assist the Center with its pro bono religious liberty defense work. Contact: Ekaterina Smyslova, president, Esther Legal Information Service, Tverskaya ul. 9a/4, Office 201, Moscow 12739, Russia; tel/fax: 095-229-7861; e-mail: esther@online.ru.

The highly informative religion supplement to Moscow's Nezavisimaya gazeta is now available at no charge on the Internet: http://religion.ng.ru/. Mr. Lawrence Uzzell, director of Keston Institute, Oxford, England, and Dr. Edwin Bacon, Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Birmingham, England, both highly recommend this source.

Mark J. Harris has prepared a 19-page "Proposal for a Contextualized Educational Program for the Training of Russian Spiritual Leaders."The program envisioned would be based in Ryazan and would provide "training for any kind of spiritual leadership in churches," especially "for those people who have little foundation in training or ministry." The proposal calls for a coeducational, semi-residential program employing some Western faculty at the outset, with an emphasis on spiritual formation and the imparting of practical ministry skills. Mark and Delisa Harris serve as missionaries in Ryazan, Russia, under CMC International, Box 20425, Portland, OR 97294; c/o Post Int. #258, 666 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10103; tel: 0912-45-8910 (Ryazan); e-mail: mark@cmc.ryazan.ru. The above proposal may be downloaded from the following Web site: www.geocities.com/markdelisa/.

 The Russian language Web site of the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA) for Evangelical theological schools in the former Soviet Union (www.e-aaa.org) includes news of the association, links to other Web sites, and back issues of three theological journals: Bogomysliye (Odessa Theological Seminary of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, 1990-); Khronograf (St. Petersburg Christian University, 1997-); and Bogomyslie v internete (2000-). Future plans include the addition of a monthly International Bulletin for reviews of theological books and the posting of a bibliography listing Russian language texts recommended for use at various levels of theological instruction.
Source: EAAA News, No. 13 (July-September 2000).

Ray Prigodich, former professor of missions at Denver Seminary, Denver, CO, began serving as academic dean at Donetsk Christian University, Donetsk, Ukraine, in August 2000. As a result, Professor Prigodich will no longer be able to continue his news forwarding service that he began three years ago. In its place he recommends another source for both religious and secular news concerning the former Soviet Union: The Russia Intercessory Prayer Network (RIPnet), headquartered near Seattle, WA, and directed by Jenny McCoy. It posts dispatches on Wednesdays and Fridays and also places all articles on its Web site. RIPnet carries specific prayer requests and devotional pieces in addition to religious news that is somewhat less comprehensive than the former news forwarding service provided by Professor Prigodich. To subscribe consult the RIPnet Web site http://www.ripnet.org/) or e-mail ripnet@ripnet.org.

"Structures of Russian Political Discourse on Nationality Problems: Anthropological Perspectives" (Washington, DC: Kennan Institute Occasional Paper #272, 1999) contains valuable material on the minority peoples of the Russian Republic and a helpful bibliography. Up to five complimentary copies and a complete list of other currently available papers may be requested from: The Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, One Woodrow Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20004-3027; tel: 202-691-4100; fax: 202-691-4247; e-mail: KIARS@WWIC.SI.EDU; Web site: http://wwics.si.edu/kennan; Kennan Moscow Project, c/o Pochtovyi Iashchik 90, Moscow 103001, Russia; tel: 095-232-3496; fax: 095-232-3497; e-mail: Kennan@glas.apc.org; Kennan Kyiv Project, 40A Moskovska St., Kyiv 252015, Ukraine; tel: 044-290-7756; fax: 044-290-6464; e-mail: kennan@orlyk.kiev.va.

"Resources," East-West Church & Ministry Report 8 (Fall 2000), 13-14.

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