East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 8, No. 3, Summer 2000, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Internet Resources

Sharyl Corrado, compiler

American Historical Association Directory of Dissertations in Progress
http://www.theaha.org/pubs/dissertations/ (in English)
Currently contains 4610 dissertations in progress at 165 North American academic institutions, with a keyword search engine. A significant number of dissertations on East Central Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Union deal with religious issues. Sample works currently in progress include: Paul Hanebrink, "Towards a Christian Hungary: Catholicism and Christian Nationalism in Hungary, 1913-30" (University of Chicago); Amanda Aucoin, "Religious Sectarianism and the Imperial State: Baptists in Holy Russia" (Arkansas); Argyrios Pisiotis, "The Russian Orthodox Church and Clerical Political Dissent in Late Imperial Russia, 1905-14" (Georgetown); Magdalena Teter, "The Jews in the Legislation and Teachings of the Catholic Church in Poland, 1648-1772" (Columbia); and Jennifer Wynot, "Keeping the Faith: Russian Orthodox Monasteries and Convents in the Soviet Union, 1917-39" (Emory). Also provides university contact information.

Blagovest Religious Information Agency
http://www.blagovest-media.com (in Russian)
This independent religious news agency focuses primarily on the Russian and other Orthodox churches, also providing information on the Catholic church as well as other religious groups and denominations, ecumenical events, and other cultural events related to Christianity. Daily news is available to subscribers, and the Web site contains the week's top stories and headlines, updated daily. An English-language website is under construction. To subscribe to Blagovest-info, contact the editors at tel: 7-095-264-97-72; tel/fax: 7-095- 976-85-45; or e-mail: stpaul@glasnet.ru.

Central Europe Online
http://www.centraleurope.com/ (in English)
This on-line commercial English-language newspaper published by the European Internet Network (EIN) includes up-to-date business and other news on the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Yugoslavia. The volume of information provided free-of-charge, as well as links to numerous additional sources of information, easily compensate for the flashy advertising that can become distracting. Easily searchable and updated daily.

Oanda Classic 164 Currency Converter
http://www.oanda.com/converter/classic (in English)
This extremely simple and helpful currency converter allows conversion to and from 164 world currencies at bank, cash, and typical credit-card rates of any date (excluding bank holidays) since 1 January 1990.

Professional Articles from Mark Harris
http://www.westernseminary.edu/mrg/dmiss/harris/ (in English)
Contains 11 academic papers by Mark Harris, a doctoral student at Western Seminary, Portland, OR, who has lived in Russia since 1993. Topics include Russian religious attitudes and conversion experiences, as well as evangelism, worship, preaching, and counseling within the Russian Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church.

Radio TEOS
http://www.teos.org.ru (in Russian and English)
Since 20 January 1993, the interdenominational Christian radio station TEOS has been broadcasting 16 hours a day in St. Petersburg. Programming includes Scripture readings, sermons of famous preachers, Bible exposition, Christian music, children's programs, and more. The Russian version of its Web site includes a daily schedule of programming and a large on-line library of Christian articles and reference materials. Live broadcasting is available on-line using Realplayer.

Religious Life in Russia. Press Digest
http://www.wps.ru/index_d/religio.html (in Russian)
This weekly digest dedicated to the spiritual, educational, and societal activities of the Russian Orthodox Church as well as to other confessions in Russia contains complete articles from both the secular and religious press. Special attention is given to work in social institutions such as the army, prisons, schools, and universities, as well as work with youth. Topics covered include "Religion and the Authorities," "Freedom of Conscience," "The Russian Orthodox Church," "Islam," "The Catholic Church," "Activities of Foreign Religious Organizations in Russia," and "Religious Minorities." Available in print or electronically. Each electronic digest is 65-80 kb and contains the full text of 20-30 articles. Subscriptions can be purchased on-line for $35/month. View a sample issue at http://www.wps.ru:8103/digest/religio.html.

Slovo i delo [Word and Act]
http://word-act.narod.ru/ (in Russian)
This helpful Web site supported by the Bratsk (Siberia) Christian Fellowship includes a 27-page Russian-language compendium of Christian history, with short entries on denominations, movements, and individuals active in church history. According to the webmaster this compendium, while "in places far from objective," nevertheless, is a valuable reference tool. The site also contains 25 issues of the on-line newspaper Slovo i dela [Word and Act], an extensive catalog of both Russian- and English-language Christian links, a Christian art gallery, and a short article on the history of Pentecostalism in Russia.

Sharyl Corrado, former assistant editor of the East-West Church & Ministry Report, is a doctoral student in Russian history at the University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.

Sharyl Corrado, "Internet Resources," East-West Church & Ministry Report 8 (Summer  2000), 14.

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