East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 8, No. 2, Spring 2000, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Christian Pirating?

Dear Friends,

We bring to your attention the following information:  A book entitled Litsom k litsu s rebenkom [Face to Face with Your Child] by Ross Campbell, has been illegally published in Ukraine.  It is a collection of three books by that author:  Kak po-nastoyashchemu lyubit svoego rebenka [How to Really Love Your Child], Kak lyubit svoego podrostka [How to Really Love Your Teenager], and Kak spravlyatsya s gnevom rebenka [Kids in Danger].  All three books were prepared for publication and published separately by Mirt on the basis of a contract with the publishers, Victor Books and Cook Communication Ministries.  No one requested permission from Mirt to publish these books in Ukraine.  Of the standard publication information only an ISBN number, belonging to Ivan Vladimirovich Slobodiannik, was included in the book Face to Face with Your Child.  We have no further information about the publisher.

Our position is the following:  We consider such activity unethical and unacceptable in the Christian sphere (and not only in the Christian sphere) and view it as theft.  We also feel that distribution of such books, as is done by some Christian organizations, is unethical and unacceptable.  Mirt does not plan to take formal steps to hinder such "pirating," although we will use all means at our disposal to inform Christians about such cases.  We believe that God's work must be done with clean hands. 

May God bless you,

Roman Nosach, Director
Mirt Christian Center, St. Petersburg, Russia

Editor's Note:  Reprinted with permission from Mirt News, No. 10 (13 April 2000).  To subscribe electronically to the Russian-language Mirt News, see http://www.mirt.ru/newspaper.html.  A description of Mirt's web site and a link to it may be found on the Global Center web site at http://www.samford.edu/groups/global/links/religion-ee.html.

Roman Nosach, "Christian Pirating?," East-West Church & Ministry Report 8 (Spring  2000), 8.

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