East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 8, No. 2, Spring 2000, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Christian Publishing Web Sites

Association of Spiritual Renewal Library Catalog
http://www.asr.ru (In Russian, 1251 Windows, and English)
The Moscow-based Association for Spiritual Renewal now has a catalog of its large library of Russian-language Christian and religious books available on-line.  The Russian-language catalog contains 5,430 entries, searchable by author, title, subject, publisher, intended audience, original language, and Dewey Decimal number.  Each entry also contains a short and extremely helpful summary of the book.  Approximately 1,200 entries exist in English as well as Russian, also searchable in English, providing the same information about Russian-language books.  While books from the library cannot be purchased on-line, this catalog is invaluable for those seeking information about books already in existence.  The catalog is of special interest to those involved in the publication of Russian-language Christian literature and theological students and educators seeking books for a course or research project.  Although the complexity of the search facility makes it slow and difficult to use, it is well worth the wait.

Protestant Publishing House
http://protestant.euro.ru (In Russian, 1251 Windows)
The newspaper Protestant was first published in 1988 in Moscow.  Today the publishing house "Protestant" is one of the largest interdenominational publishers and distributors of Christian literature in the former Soviet Union.  The publisher operates the bookstore "Christian Book" [Kristianskaya Kniga] and delivers books by mail.  Protestant also provides a translation service for theological books.  Customers can download a price list of over 2,400 books, videos, CDs, and other items.  Contact:  "Protestant," Mukomolny proyezd, dom 1, korpus 2, 123290 Moscow, Russia; tel: 7-095-259-71-28; fax: 7-095-259-67-69; E-mail: christcenter@mtu-net.ru.  The web site is difficult to use on Netscape, but is easily viewable using Microsoft Explorer.  The price list is also available at http://members.tripod.com/protestant/pricelist/protestant.zip. 

Editor's note:  In addition to the above sites, an increasing number of other publishers and distributors have an internet presence.  The Bratsk Christian Site maintains links to web sites of Russian-language Christian publishers (http://www.irnet.ru/inbratsk/www/links1.htm).  SEN, Slovakia, maintains links to web sites of Christian publishers in Eastern and Central Europe (http://www.citygate.org/links/links.asp?Category=publishers).

"Christian Publishing Web Sites," East-West Church & Ministry Report 8 (Spring  2000), 4.

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