East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 8, No. 1, Winter 2000, Covering the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Christian Churches and Organizations in Lithuania

Eastern Rite Catholic Church
Fr. Pavlo Jachimec
Ausros vartu g. 7b
LT-2001 Vilnius
Tel: 370-2-22-25-78

Free Christian Church
Valdas Vaitkevicius, Coordinator
Zeimiu g. 7
5449 Ginkunai, Siauliu raj.
Tel: 370-1-58-92-42
Fax: 370-1-58-92-04
E-mail: dvaras@takas.lt

Lithuanian Fellowship of Christian Students (an affiliate of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students)
Diana Meskauskaite, Secretary
Kovo 11-osios g. 27-25
3031 Kaunas
Tel: 370-7-35-00-28
Fax: 370-2-45-90-28
E-mail: dianames@pub.osf.lt; ulci@fmf.ktu.lt

Lutheran Church
Bishop Jonas Kalvanas
Tumo-Vaizganto g. 50
Taurage .
Tel/fax: 370-46-51-206
E-mail: konsistorija@takas.lt

Old Believers
N. Pilnikovas, Chairperson
Volunges N9-68
2055 Vilnius
Tel: 370-2-71-10-71

Orthodox Church
Archbishop Chrisostom
Ausros vartu st. 10
LT-2001 Vilnius
Tel/fax: 370-2-22-77-65

Reformed Church
Rimantas Jakunas, President
Pylimo 20-13
a/d 1176
LT-2001 Vilnius
Tel: 370-2-79-10-52 / 22-42-62
Fax: 370-2-79-15-28

Roman Catholic Church
Archbishop Audrys Juozas Backis
S. Skapo st. 4
LT-2001 Vilnius
Tel: 370-2-22-54-55
Fax: 370-2-22-09-72
E-mail: LVK@post.omnitel.net; LVK@takas.lt
Web site: http://www.lcn.lt

Seventh-day Adventist Church
Lithuanian Mission Field
Danielius Ozelis, President
Pasiles g. 122
3031 Kaunas
Tel: 370-7-79-86-19
Fax: 370-7-35-17-54
E-mail: sda@is.lt; sda@kaunas.omnitel.net

Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Lithuania
Linas Andronovas, Chairperson
Vytauto 38
5800 Klaipeda
Tel/fax: 370-6-31-44-74
E-mail: baptist@takas.lt

Union of Pentecostal Churches in Lithuania
Bishop Rimantas Kupstys
Krivules 12A
LT-2014 Vilnius
Tel: 370-2-61-52-86
Fax: 370-2-61-46-13
E-mail: upcl@iname.com

United Methodist Church in Lithuania
David Markay, Superintendent
Naugardo g. 8
LT-3000 Kaunas
Tel: 370-7-32-35-88
Fax: 370-7-32-38-19
E-mail: egumc@kaunas.omnitel.net

Word of Faith
Giedrius Saulytis, Director
Saltunuc 27A
LT-2043 Vilnius
Tel: 370-2-40-16-17
Fax: 370-2-40-16-19
E-mail: t.zodis@biblijos-centras.lt
Web site: http://www.biblijos-centras.lt

Youth With a Mission Lithuania
Randy and Karen Purves
p/d 142
LT-5800 Klaipeda
Tel: 370-6-32-40-05
E-mail: ywamlit@klaipeda.omnitel.net

"Christian Churches and Organizations in Lithuania," East-West Church & Ministry Report 8 (Winter 2000), 8.

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