East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 6, No. 4, Fall 1998, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe

Internet Resources

Sharyl Corrado, compiler

Editor's Note: Find below a description of additional useful websites, continued from East-West Church & Ministry Report 6 (Spring 1998), 3-6. For additional new links, consult the Institute for East-West Christian Studies website: http://www.wheaton.edu/bgc/iewcs/links.htm.

Center for Apologetics Research
http://members.tripod.com/~CFAR/ (in English)
Formed in 1993, the primary task of the Center for Apologetics Research, St. Petersburg, Russia, is to equip Christian leaders and laity in the former Soviet Union to defend the historic Christian faith by providing training and Russian-language resource materials on cults. This informative web page provides a complete list of the Center's Russian-language resources, as well as complete texts (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) of 16 of its 66 articles, brochures, newsletters, and books.

Christian Website Collection
http://www.glasnet.ru/~zeleny/ch_cites.htm (in Russian, KOI-8)
Mikhail Zeleniy, an Orthodox believer and student at St. Filaret Orthodox Christian High School, has compiled a list of links to various Russian Orthodox institutions, including eparchies, churches, monasteries, educational institutions, social organizations, and publishers, as well as links to English-language Orthodox sites and other Christian sites worldwide. Zeleniy has also provided links to 31 Russian-language theological and philosophical texts at http://www.glasnet.ru/~zeleny/theologi.htm, including articles by a number of Orthodox clergy and theologians.

Chrzescijanska Spolecznosc Internetu (Christian Internet Fellowship)
http://www.chsi.rubikon.net.pl/ (in Polish)
Contains many links and addresses to fellowships all over Poland and is known for its forum which contains 30 to 60 letters daily--usually small notes with references to facilitate use. The site also has a library of Evangelical Protestant and Catholic writings, including articles of Professor and Roman Catholic Priest Franciszek Blachnicki, founder of Poland's Oasis Youth Movement.

Hope for Europe
http://www.hfe.org/ (in English)
Hope for Europe, a pan-European, German-based evangelical initiative "aiming to help Christians proclaim and demonstrate both the contemporary and eternal hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ," cooperates with the Association of International Mission Services-Germany to provide a multitude of resources on European missions and evangelism. Includes articles, press releases, contact information and links for mission-sending organizations, and a variety of other information, such as profiles of people groups in the Caucasus and a bibliography on postmodernism.

The Institute for Religion and Law
http://www.glasnet.ru/~irlaw/ (in Russian, 1251 Windows; and English)
The goals of the Institute for Religion and Law, which works in close cooperation with the Russian State Duma and serves as a consultant to religious and nonprofit organizations in the areas of freedom of conscience and human rights, include developing and improving church-state relations and defending freedom of conscience. Includes the complete English and Russian texts of the 1997 Russian religion law and analyses of the law by Director A.V. Pchelinstev and lawyer V.V. Ryakhovsky.

Keston Institute
http://www.keston.org/ (in English)
An Oxford-based research and information center dealing with religion in communist and postcommunist countries, Keston Institute has championed religious freedom since 1964 acting as publisher, research institute, and news agency. Included on its web page are sample articles from Keston's three publications: Keston News Service; Religion, State & Society; and Frontier Magazine; and subscription information.

MIRT Christian Publishing
http://www.cityvision2000.com/vl/ (in Russian 1251 and English)
This Russian Christian publishing house in St. Petersburg has published 31 books to date, with plans for 22 more. The site includes bibliographical information and descriptions of the books published, as well as pictures of the covers. The site also contains a downloadable newspaper and an excellent list of e-mail and website addresses of churches and Christian organizations throughout Russia.

Roman Catholic Church in Poland
http://www.ipipan.waw.pl/~klopotek/church/rcc_in_p.htm (in English, with links to Polish)
Contains links to homepages of 20 of the 42 Catholic dioceses of Poland, biographies of Polish saints, Catholic education, Catholic mass media, and church government, as well as articles on Polish church history, architecture, and traditions. Maintained by Mieczyslaw Klopotek, assistant professor of mathematics, Warsaw University of Technology,

Russian-American Christian University
http://www.racu.org (in English and Russian, Windows 1251)
Licensed by the Russian Ministry of Education, the Russian-American Christian University is a Moscow-based liberal arts university grounded in historic biblical Christianity. The university strives to train Russian students to be agents of renewal and reconciliation in the university, the church, society, and the world of business. Along with course catalogs in English and Russian, recent RACU news, and detailed information on the history and governance of RACU, the site includes Reflections on Russia, a series of essays on Russian culture in flux by RACU founding president, Dr. John Bernbaum.

Russian Literature Ministries
http://www.rlm.org (in English)
The Oregon-based Russian Literature Ministries website includes ordering information for more than 100 Russian-language Christian books, reference works, and videos available through its Moscow office, Triad Christian Publishing. Especially helpful are descriptions of each title, most of which are translations of English works.

Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
http://www.synod.com/ (in English)
Provides a concise history of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia; a worldwide directory of parishes and related institutions; a directory of clergy worldwide, including names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses; synod news; and links to ROCOR-related sites.

Virtuálna Krestanská Kaplnka (formerly Czech and Slovak Christian Page)
http://www.kaplnka.sk/ (In Slovak)
Among the goals of this page, created by internet specialist Branislav Vartík in Bratislava, Slovakia, are keeping an updated list of websites providing information about the Christian faith (primarily Catholic and Lutheran) and culture in Slovakia, and providing a site interesting for both Christians and nonbelievers. Included are large numbers of links, as well as information about churches, organizations, upcoming events, literature, and culture. A search engine facilitates use of this site.

Sharyl Corrado (compiler), Internet Resources, East-West Church & Ministry Report 6 (Fall 1998), 18-19.

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