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Vol. 6, No. 3, Summer 1998, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe

Internet Visa Instructions

Sharyl Corrado, compiler

Former Soviet Union

Official Home Page of the ARMENIAN Embassy in the U.S.

Contains visa regulations and fees, as well as an application form.

American Embassy in Baku, AZERBAIJAN

Posted by the American Embassy in Baku, this site contains visa requirements and fees. Does not contain application forms.

Facts about BELARUS

While Belarus does not have an official website, this page, prepared by the Belarusian tourist and excursion company Belarus Tourist, contains contact information for Belarusian consulates and representations worldwide, as well as general tips regarding the obtaining of visas.

ESTONIAN Embassy in Washington, D.C.

This new site, currently under construction, provides contact information for visa regulations and fees, and will eventually contain a list of Estonian representations worldwide.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of ESTONIA

Contains contact information for Estonian representations worldwide as well as a link to customs regulations and a detailed explanation of who does not need a visa, who can obtain one at the border, and who must purchase one in advance.

Embassy of GEORGIA in the United States of America

Contains visa requirements and instructions. Does not contain an application form.

KAZAKHSTAN - Consular Information Sheet

While Kazakhstan does not have an official web page, this page by the U.S. State Department includes basic instructions and contact information.

Official Homepage of the Embassy of the KYRGYZ REPUBLIC to the USA and Canada
or http://www.kyrgyzstan.org/consulin.html
Contains visa requirements and fees. Currently, links within the site appear to be mismatched. Does not contain an application form.

Embassy of LATVIA, Washington, DC

Contains information on obtaining visas and temporary residency permits, as well as contact information.

Mission of LATVIA to NATO

Part of the NATO Partnership for Peace web site, this page contains a list of countries whose citizens are not required to have a Latvian visa, instructions and fees for single-entry, multiple-entry, and group visas, and contact information for obtaining a visa in Belgium.

Embassy of the Republic of LITHUANIA to the USA

Contains instructions and fees, as well as lists of countries whose citizens do and do not require invitations. Does not contain an application form.

MOLDOVA - Consular Information Sheet

While Moldova does not have an official web page, this page by the U.S. State Department includes basic instructions and contact information.

Embassy of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Consular Division

Contains complete instructions, fees, and application forms (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) for business, homestay, tourist, and transit visas.

Embassy of TURKMENISTAN, Washington, DC
or http://www.dc.infi.net/~embassy/visa.html
Contains visa instructions and fees for U.S., Canadian, and Mexican citizens, as well as a visa application to download and print.

The Consulate General of UKRAINE in New York

Done by BRAMA-Gateway Ukraine advertising and webhosting/design services, this page provides detailed information on the visa application process for Ukraine. Does not contain visa application forms.

Embassy of the Republic of UZBEKISTAN in Washington, DC

Contains visa regulations and fees for business, transit, and tourist visas, as well as an application form to download and print.

East Central Europe

Embassy of BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA in Washington, DC

While this official "experimental" homepage does not contain visa requirements, it does contain addresses and contact information for Bosnian diplomatic offices worldwide.

Embassy of the Republic of BULGARIA in Washington, DC

Contains visa regulations and fees. Downloadable application forms are currently under construction.

Embassy of the Republic of CROATIA to the United States of America

This page contains visa instructions and requirements. Does not contain an application form.

Republic of CROATIA-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Department

This page, which appears to be still under construction, contains lists of countries whose citizens do and do not require entry visas, as well as countries which require entry visas from Croatian citizens. Does not contain an application form.

Ministry of Foreign Affair of the CZECH REPUBLIC

Contains contact information for Czech consulates, embassies, and representations worldwide.

CZECH Info Center

This interactive electronic information service provides visa instructions and fees, as well as the various visa requirements for citizens of various countries.

Embassy of the Republic of HUNGARY in Washington, D.C., USA

Contains visa instructions and procedures for various types of visas. Does not contain an application form.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of HUNGARY

This official page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contains information on visa regulations and fees, as well as on the abolition of certain visa requirements. Does not contain instructions or application form.

Embassy of the Republic of POLAND

Contains visa regulations and fees. Does not contain application forms.

Consulate General of the Republic of POLAND

Polish-American Network provides a page for the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles, CA. This is not the official page of the Polish embassy. Provides visa requirements and fees.

The Embassy of ROMANIA Consular Section

Contains visa instructions for U.S. citizens wishing to enter Romania, as well as contact information for Romanian diplomatic facilities worldwide.

Embassy of ROMANIA in Norway

Contains instructions and fees for Norwegian citizens wishing to enter Romania, as well as contact information for the Romanian Embassy in Norway.

Embassy of the SLOVAK REPUBLIC Consular and Visa Information

Contains visa instructions, requirements, and fees for citizens of many countries wishing to enter Slovakia. Does not contain a visa application.

A Guide to Virtual SLOVENIA

While Slovenia has no official homepage, this resource page of the National Supercomputing Center in Ljubljana offers contact information for Slovenian embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions worldwide. It does not provide visa regulations or application forms.

General Sites

Embassies Worldwide: Contact Details

UK-based Tagish, Ltd. Consulting Service provides an on-line directory of all nations' embassies worldwide, including postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and web sites (where available). While the site does not contain visa information, the contact information it provides will be especially helpful to non-Westerners wishing to travel abroad.

Travisa Visa Service, Inc.

Travisa, a private "passport and visa expediter," provides passport and visa information and forms for many countries throughout the world. Visa application forms can be downloaded and printed for Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Travel Document Systems

This Washington, D.C., visa agency provides visa requirements, customs regulations, and other travel information on line for most countries in Europe and throughout the world. On-line visa application forms are available (requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer or Common Ground Viewer) for Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Yugoslavia.

U.S. State Department Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets

Consular Information Sheets, available for every country of the world, include such information as location of the U.S. embassy or consulate, visa requirements, and crime and security information. Travel warnings are issued when the U.S. State Department recommends the country be avoided. 

Editor's Note:  Embassy and consulate homepages are most likely to have the latest requirements. For more detailed--but less current--information, see Matt Miller, "Visa Application Requirements for Travel to East Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union," East-West Church & Ministry Report 2 (Spring 1994), 10-11.

Sharyl Corrado (compiler), "Internet Visa Instructions," East-West Church & Ministry Report 6 (Summer 1998), 13-14.

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