East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring 1996, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe


The Society for the Study of Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism initiated an on-line "Evangelical-Orthodox Conference" after its fifth annual meeting, held at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, 6-7 October 1995.  This on-line conference provides a means for the exchange of ideas, prepublication review of theological essays, and announcements of relevant books and articles.  To participate, send the command "subscribe Evang-Orth" to Hub@xc.org.  For further information on the Society, contact Dr. Bradley Nassif, 2701 Ridgeland, Waukegan, IL 60085; tel: 708-249-8350.

The Social Center for Assistance in Reforming Criminal Justice in Moscow has produced numerous books, brochures, and reports and problems relating to criminal justice and the rights of the detained and imprisoned, including

Contact: Social Center for Assistance in Reforming Criminal Justice, Valery Abramkin, Director, B. Zlatoustinskii per., 8/7, kom. 698 and 73, 101000 Moscow, Russia; tel: 7-095-206-84-97 or 7-095-206-86-84; fax: 7-095-206-87-69; e-mail: mcprinf@glas.apc.org.

Source: Civil Society...East and West 4 (January-February 1996),2-3

Seattle's Center for Center for Civil Society International highly recommends four-page analysis of the 1995 Law on Charitable Activities and Organizations: A Preliminary Assessment, by Alla Kazakina and Mary S. Holland, CIS Law Notes (February 1996), available from Petterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, 1133 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036-6710; tel: 212-336-2000; e-mail: pbwt@pbwt.com.

OMRI Daily Digest, published by Open Media Research Institute, Prague, Czech Republic, distributes a Russian-language edition from a listserv in Moscow.  OMRI Daily digest covers trends and events in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe.  To subscribe to the Russian-language edition of this very valuable resource send an e-mail message to MAJORDOMO@DEMOS.SU.  Leave the subject line blank, but in the main message area type SUBSCRIBE OMRI.  More information about OMRI Daily Digest, including how to subscribe to the English version is available at http://www.omri.cz/Index.html.

Stredo Europska Nadacia (Central European Foundation), Bratislava, Slovakia, has published "Integrity in Business in Postcommunist Central Europe."  This 31-page report may be purchased by individuals and nonprofit organizations for $15, £10, or 180 ös.  Postage and handling is $2, £1.50, or 24 ös.  Contact: SEN, Liptovska 10, 82109 Bratislava, Slovakia; tel: 0042-7-521-6293; fax: 0042-7-521-6288; e-mail: miro@seb.ext.eunet.sk or 100273.270@compuserve.com.

Hockey Ministries International has produced a new Russian-language video, Hockey Beyond Belief, available for $6.50 from Triad Christian Publishing.  A number of Russian-language videos produced by Walk Thru The Bible may also be purchased from Triad: Seven Laws of the Learner (7 tapes, $50), The Testing of your Faith (3 tapes, $25), Foundations of Faith (4 tapes, $30), Teaching With Style (2 tapes, $18.00), Secrets of the Supernatural Life (3 tapes, $25), and Biblical Portrait of Marriage (3 tapes, $22.50).  All videos are PAL format and not compatible with regular US video systems.  Videos can only be ordered from Triad's Moscow office.  Contact:

Roland Abadier, Sales manager 
113105 Moscow
Varshavskoye shosse 12a 
2nd Baptist Church-"Triada" 
Tel: 7-095-952-2173 
Fax: 7-095-952-1305 
E-mail: triada@glas.apc.org
U.S. Address: 
Gary Vaterlaus, President 
Triad Christian Publishing 
Box 851
Corvallis, OR 97339 
Tel: 541-745-7933 
Fax: 541-745-5152 
E-mail: 74031.1013@compuserve.com

The editor highly recommends two recent books on twentieth century Russian Orthodoxy and Russian Protestantism, respectively: A Long Walk to Church by Nathaniel Davis, and Russian Resurrection by Michael Rowe.  The Davis volume, based on extensive archival research, should now be required reading on the subject, along with The Russian Church Under the Soviet Regime, 1917-1982, 2 vols. (Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1984) by Dimitry Pospielovsky, and The Russian Orthodox Church, A Contemporary History (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1986) by Jane Ellis.  Likewise, Russian Resurrection, despite a frustrating lack of standard documentation, offers such a storehouse of fresh material by a respected authority that it should now stand as essential reading on Russian Protestantism, along with Walter Sawatsky's highly regarded Soviet Evangelicals Since World War II (Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 1981).

Metaphrasis, a weekly English-language information service on religion in post-Soviet lands, includes especially strong coverage of Orthodox developments.  Each e-mail issue averages 15 pages.  North American subscription rates run $14/month (individual) and $50/month (media, research centers, and religious communities). Checks, to be made out to Orthodox Christian Book Service, are payable to First American National Bank, 1415 Union Ave., Memphis, TN 38104-3626. Contact: Sergei Chapnin, editor-in-chief; tel: 7-095-198-1991; tel/fax: 7-095-200-6643; e-mail: mf@glas.apc.org.

Resources, East-West Church & Ministry Report, 4 (Spring 1996), 12-13.

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