East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring 1996, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe

Post-Soviet English-Languge Newspapers

A number of English-language newspapers provide invaluable political, economic, and social coverage of East Central Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as practical information on a wide range of goods and services.
Frequency & Length1
Sample Contents
Basic Annual
The Baltic Independent Weekly 
16 pp.
45% political
30% economic
25% social
New Children's hospital; survey of alcohol consumption; English- language church services; performance of Handel's Messiah. Box 45, Tallinn, EE0090, Estonia; Tel: 372-2-683-073; fax: 372-6-311-232 $59 - Baltics
$82 - Other
The Baltic Observer Weekly 
16 pp.
33% political
33% economic
33% social
Lithuania's new law on religion; Ukraine's environmental hazards; commercial announcements highlighting a courier service and a city guide for Riga. Balasta dambis 3, Riga LV 1081, Latvia; tel: 371-2-462-162; fax: 371-2-463-387; e-mail: bo@com.atnet.lv.  For subscriptions in Russia: Hotel Volga, Bolshaya spaskaya 4, room 21/22, Mocsow 107078, Russia; Tel: 7-095-280-3568; fax: 7-095-280-0010.  For subscriptions in the U.S.:  58 Pilgrim Dr., Ste. A, Foster City, CA 94404; Tel: 415-341-2679; fax: 415-345-5116 $85
Daily News Daily
24 pp.
50% political
30% economic
20% social
Transition after election of President Kwasniewski; detailed guide to local cultural highlights; church-state tensions. Polish Press Agency, Al. Jerozolimskie 7, Box 1-898, 00-950 Warsaw, Poland; tel: 48-22-628-7851; fax: 48-22-621-8518; e-mail: bh@pap.waw.pl $840
Moscow News Weekly
(US edition)
16 pp.

(Daily in Russia)

35% political
25% economic
40% social
Public medical facilities; Siberian animism; a listing of automobile sales and service establishments. 16-2 Tverskaya ul., Moscow 103829, Russia; tel: 7-095-229-5190; fax: 7-095-200-0650; e-mail: 100126.2107@compuserve.com.  For subscriptions in the U.S.: 3020 Harbor Ln. N., Minneapolis, MN 55447; tel: 612-550-0961 or 800-477-1005; fax: 612-559-2931; e-mail: periodicals@eastview.com $90
The Moscow Times Weekly
(International edition)
52 pp.

(Daily in Russia)

20% political
60% economic
20% social
Apartment rentals trends; adoption issues; literary journals; Tolstoy's Yasnaya Polyana estate; a CD-ROM language study program. Van Eeghenstr. 93, 1071 EX Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel: 31-20-6640978; fax: 31-20-6760701; e-mail: nova@euronet.nl.  For subscriptions in Russia:  ul. Vyborgskaya 16, Moscow, Russia; tel: 7-095-913-2937/39...45; fax: 7-095-913-2938.  For subscriptions in U.S.A.:  RIS, 89 Main St., Ste. 2, Montpelier, VT 05602-2948; tel: 802-223-4955, 800-639-4301; fax: 802-223-6105. $245 - Europe
$295 - U.S.or Canada
$325 - other
New Europe Weekly
48 pp.
40% political
50% economic
10% social
Covers East Central Europe, the former Soviet Union, Greece, and Turkey, with frequent reports on religion -- elections of hierarchs, governmental restrictions, and anti-Semitism. 480 Mesoghion Ave., 15342 Athens, Greece; tel: 301-601-6700; fax: 301-601-4600.  For subscriptions in Russia:  tel: 7-095-923-5581; fax: 7-095-200-2289 $350
The Nizhny Novgorod Times Biweekly
4 pp.
55% political
35% economic
10% social
Many brief news reports on Russian politics and finance and a concise local telephone directory. Tsentralnaya Hotel, Ste. 838, ul. Sovetskaya 12, Nizhny Novgorod 603002, Russia; tel: 7-8312-49-0585; fax: 7-8312-36-2049 $49 - Novgorod
$59 - Russia
$79 - Other
The Prague Post Weekly
42 pp.
10% political
30% economic
60% social
A variety of practical helps -- listings of health care facilities, postings of employment opportunities for English teachers, advertisements for language schools, and reviews of local films and art exhibits. Na Porici 12, 115 30 Prague 1, Czech Republic; tel: 42-2-2487-5016; fax 42-2-2487-5050; e-mail: prgpost@traveller.cz $145 - Europe
$190 - Other
The St.  Petersburg Press Weekly
16 pp.
20% political
50% economic
30% social
Ads for the American Medical Center and computer repair firms; a listing of classical music events; reports on cult activities. 5 Razyezhaya ul., St. Petersburg, Russia;  tel: 7-812-325-6080; fax: 7-812-314-2120.  For subscriptions outside Russia:  Akadeemia 21g EE0026, Tallinn, Estonia $28
The Warsaw Voice Weekly
48 pp.
10% political
50% economic
40% social
National Christmas fund drive for children's hospitals; listing of English- language churches; national AIDS policy; Internet developments; ad for "Warsaw: A Family Guide;" the Amish in Poland. Box 28, 00-950 Warsaw 1, Poland; tel: 48-22-36-6377; fax: 48-22-37-1995; e-mail: voice@enterprise.contact.waw.pl.  For subscriptions in the U.S.:  413B Logan Blvd., Lakemont, Altoona, PA 16602; tel: 800-488-2939; fax: 814-949-9179 $156
1 Length and coverage estimates are averages based on recent issues.
2 Contact distributor for information on discounts or shorter subscriptions. Most newspaper distributors provide sample copies on request.  Multinewspapers, a California firm, offers a wide variety of international newspapers--single copies and subscriptions.  Request a brochure from Box 866, Dana Point, CA 92629.  East View Publications distributes many newspapers and other resources from the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe.  Contact: 3020 Harbor Ln. N., Minneapolis, MN 55447; tel: 612-550-0961 or 800-477-1005; fax: 612-559-2931; e-mail: periodicals@eastview.com.  East View's catalog is posted on the Internet at http://www.eastview.com.  Readers interested in monthly and quarterly news serials should consult Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory 1994-1995, 33rd ed., Vol. 2, General Interest Periodicals (New Providence, NJ: R.R. Bowker, 1994).

Matt Miller, compiler

Matt Miller, compiler, "Post-Soviet English-Languge Newspapers," East-West Church & Ministry Report, 4 (Spring 1996), 10-11.

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