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Vol. 3, No. 1, Fall 1995, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe


Albanian Evangelical Literature
For the fifth year, Insight, the research branch of Ancient World Outreach (AWO), has published an 18-page Master List of Albanian Bibles, Bible Portions, and Evangelical Literature listing the products of 60 publishers.  The 298 entries are arranged in 24 categories covering all types of evangelical literature in Albanian from tracts to Bible reference books.  AWO's Insight sponsors a library and reading room in Thessaloniki, Greece, and publishes Albanian Insight.  Copies of the 1994 Master List are available for $10 from: or via the AWO box in the AEP office, Tirana.
Source:  Albanian Insight 4 (July 1994), 6.

On 17 August 1993 the Russian Republic Supreme Soviet, for the second time, passed restrictive amendments to the October 1990 Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religion.  President Yeltsin, who had vetoed earlier (14 July) restrictive amendments, did not sign the August legislation prior to his dissolution of the Supreme Soviet on 21 September 1993, but held it for consideration by the new Parliament elected in December 1993.  Current deliberations are parallel to concerns raised in a detailed 66-page history and critique of the August 1993 legislation:  "The Future of Religious Liberty in Russia; Report of the DeBurght Conference on Pending Russian Legislation Restricting Religious Liberty," Emory International Law Review 8 (Spring 1994).  The cost is $20 (U.S.); $22 (non-U.S.) (prices include postage/handling fees) from:
William S. Hein & Co.
1285 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14209
tel:  800-828-7571
fax:  716-883-8100

Children of Perestroika
This troubling video portrays the psychological and economic trauma of Soviet/post-Soviet perestroika from the perspective of the children and teens of one Siberian city.  A telling introduction to the deepening difficulties of daily life in the former Soviet Union.  A valuable resource for orientation.  University rental:  $75 one-day plus $5.95 shipping/handling; purchase price:  $149 plus 6% shipping/handling (U.S. and Canada only).  Contact:

Recent Studies Available from SEN Research Center (formerly Mission Forum):
Orphanages and Adoption/Fostering in Slovakia ($15/L10/OS180, December 1994, 50 pp.)  Provides a close look at Slovakia's orphanages and related legal issues of foster care and adoption.

Integrity in Business ($15/L10/OS180, Fall 1994, 40 pp.)  The growing ranks of entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners in rapidly changing postcommunist societies face serious assaults on moral integrity in the seemingly "value-free" area of business.  The study is based on survey research among business people in Slovakia and Poland.

Shadows of the Past ($15/L10/OS180, September 1994, 48 pp.)  Illuminates the impact of forty years of communism on the way people think.  Based on the experiences of people living in East Central Europe, as well as indigenous and foreign literature.  Treats public life, business, the church, society, art, and culture.

A Guide to Electronic Mail Services ($15/L10/OS180, August 1994, 53 pp.)  Provides addresses, prices, and information for local as well as international services.  See comments in EWC&M Report 2 (Summer 1994), 14.

Hungarian Christian Publishers ($15/L10/OS180, August 1994, 20 pp.)  Entries for each Christian publisher in Hungary include short description, address, phone and fax, and sample book or tape titles.
The Romanian Orphanages ($15/L10/OS180, December 1993, 18 pp.)  A review of the situation in Romanian orphanages and an evaluation of the effectiveness of outside assistance.  Excerpt published in EWC&M Report 2 (Summer 1994), 10-11.

Bureaucracy "How to live with the system and sometimes beat it" ($5/L3.50/OS60, Summer 1993, 7 pp.)  Survival in Central and Eastern Europe requires coping with bureaucracy.  This semi-humorous examination of "the system" also suggests strategies for wading through the jungle of official obstructions to common sense.  Excerpt published in EWC&M Report 2 (Winter 1994), 1.

Cassettes of Dialogue radio programs produced by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, in association with Radio Smithsonian, may be purchased for $10 each from

Recent broadcasts have included  Scott Shane, "Dismantling Utopia" (#277); Gyorgy Bence, "Communism's Fall:  Why Were We Surprised?" (#215); Vladimir Tismaneanu, "The Myths of Eastern Europe" (#231); Michael Khodarkovsky, "The Frontier of Russia's Wild, Wild South" (#194).

EWC&M Report extends apologies to readers for an editorial error on the masthead of Vol. 3, No. 4.  It should read Fall 1994, as per successive pages, instead of Winter 1994.

Resources, East-West Church & Ministry Report, 3 (Winter 1995), 14.

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