East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 2, No. 4, Fall 1994, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe


The Central European Health & Environment Monitor is a well-written, authoritative newsletter available free of charge from the Central European Center for Health and the Environment (CECHE).  A recent issue included articles on the Russian health crisis, lifestyle issues, and heart disease in the Czech Republic, and new smoking and antismoking ad campaigns in Eastern Europe.

The U.S. State Department provides continually updated consular information for East Central Europe and former Soviet republics including country description, entry requirements, medical facilities, crime information, and currency regulations.  To receive travel warnings for countries abroad via electronic mail (e-mail:  travel-advisories-REQUESTS@stolaf.edu) send the command:  Subscribe Your Name.  This information is also accessible through St. Olaf's gopher or WAIS servers.  To obtain travel memos by mail send a self-addressed stamped envelope (note the country on envelope flap) to

Triad Christian Publishing is a Christian translation service and publishing house with offices in Moscow, Russia, and Corvallis, Oregon.  Triad was founded by InterVarsity Press, Multnomah Press, and NavPress in 1992 in response to the new religious freedoms in Eastern Europe and the resulting increase in literature needs by Christian ministries.  Its services include translation, editing, design and layout, printing, warehousing, and delivery.  Triad has produced materials in Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Bulgarian, and Romanian.  For further information contact:

Gary Vaterlaus, President, 
Box 851 
Corvallis, OR 97339-0851 
tel/fax:  503-745-7934 
e-mail:  74031.1013@compuserve.com
Joseph Goossen, Jr., Manager 
1-a Obraztsovaya tipografia, "Triada" 
Shluzovaya naberezhnaya 10 
Moscow 113114, Russia 
tel:  095-235-9128 
fax:  095-235-0507

New resources available from Friends of Turkey include:  Turkic Peoples of Central Asia, 2nd ed., 225 pp., $10; and Danny Vail, Praying for Turkic Ethnic Groups, 32 pp., $2.  Campus Crusade Jesus Film videos (PAL, NTSC, and SEGAM VHS formats) are available for a suggested donation of $15 in the following languages of former Soviet republics:  Tatar, Chuvash, Kurdi, Turkmen, Azerbaijani, Kabardin, Kyrgyz, Uighur, Balkar, Kazakh, Tadzhik, and Uzbek.  Contact:

The Evangelistic Association of Russia is both a publishing business and an outreach ministry.  EAR publishes  the Russian newspaper Protestant, as well as Russian monthly magazines such as Christian, Baptist, The Living Word; a quarterly Christian magazine for children; and activity books based on the Old and New Testaments with parallel Russian/English text.  For a full list of available materials and costs contact:

Leonid Semenov, 
Vice President of Ministry Relations 
Box 866 
Georgetown, MA 01833 
Tel/fax:  508-352-8358
Box 83 
Mukomolny Lane 1, k. 2 
123290 Moscow, Russia 
tel:  7095-259-9397 
fax:  7095-259-6769

Copies of papers presented at a consultation on "Integrity In Business," Kocovce, Slovakia, 11-16 March 1994, are available for $10 from

The Manual for International Book and Journal Donations by Janet Greenberg (New York:  American Council of Learned Societies, 1993) profiles U.S.-based organizations contributing published materials worldwide.  Each entry notes:  1) acceptable and unacceptable books and journals; 2) where distributed; and 3) whether donors can request specific destinations.  Highlighted agencies facilitating book and journal gifts to the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe include Brother's Brother Foundation, International Book Bank, International Book Project, Sabre Foundation, and eleven scholarly organizations.  The volume also includes an annotated bibliography and organizations directory.  The Manual is available for $10 from:

World Book International (WBI) donates sets of the World Book Encyclopedia to qualifying overseas missionaries for the cost of shipping/handling ($200 per set).  Only one set is sent to each location and the books must remain in the field.  World Book ships to overseas locations only.  For further information, contact:

New Soros Institute Assumes Custody of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Archives and Daily Report

The new Open Media Research Institute (OMRI) is gearing up in Prague to take over functions of the Research Institute of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) by the end of 1994.  OMRI, a Soros Foundation organization, is taking over production of the widely distributed Daily Report news from former Communist countries.  The RFE/RL Institute will close its doors in Munich as part of a drastic cutback in U.S. government spending and reordering of priorities after the end of the Cold War.  RFE/RL's broadcasting facilities also will move from Munich to Prague.  OMRI's goal, according to the Soros organization, is to make a wide range of information and research available to RFE/RL broadcasters, democratic leaders, and citizens of the region as well as to specialists and scholars worldwide.

OMRI will preserve and expand RFE/RL's historic archives of more than 15 million items documenting the struggle for human rights and civil liberties in Eastern Europe.  The bulk of the archives, those dating back more than five years, will be moved from Munich to Budapest under the custodianship of Central European University.  Those five years old or less will be located in Prague.

Edited excerpt reprinted with permission from the Center for Foreign Journalists in CFJ Clearinghouse on the Central and East European Press 16 (November 1994), 229.  Contact CFJ to receive its free newsletter:

Editor's note:  Beginning in January 1995 OMRI will also publish Societies in Transition:  News and Analysis on Affairs in the Former Soviet Union, East-Central and Southeastern Europe.  Subscription prices are under discussion.

Offices of the new Open Media Research Institute are:

Motokov Bldg. 
Na Strzi 63 
14062 Prague 4 
Czech Republic 
Tel:  422-6114-2114 
Fax:  422-426-396
Open Society Institute 
888 7th Ave. 
New York, NY 10106 
Tel:  212-757-2323 
Fax:  212-974-0367

A new Catalog of Christian Books in the Russian Language (Katalog khristianskikh knig na russkom iazyke) was published in Moscow in December 1994 by the Association for Spiritual Renewal (Peter Deyneka Russian Ministries in the U.S.).  The 98-page bibliography includes three listings:  by title, by author, and by publisher.  Title entries include the fullest citations (title, author, date, Dewey decimal number when known, and pages), but unfortunately, exclude the publisher.  This preliminary edition of 1,800+ citations is drawn from a larger computer data base of 2,300+ titles.  Hopefully, the next edition will include descriptive annotations already included in the database.  Gratis copies are being donated to Bible institutes, seminaries, and Christian publishers in the former Soviet Union.  Contact:

Russian Ministries 
Box 496 
Wheaton, IL 60189 
Tel:  708-462-1739 
Fax:  708-690-2976
Assotsiatsiia Dukhovnoe Vozrozhdenie 
Lomonovosky prospekt 
dom 18, kv. 44 
Moscow 117296 Russia 
tel/fax: 7501-930-5506 
e-mail:  RMMOSCOW@mcimail.com.

New Language Resources for Christian Interpreters

The English-Russian Dictionary of Biblical Terms (Portland:  Oregon Quality Printing, 1994), edited by Nikolai Poliakov, is a 168-page listing of approximately 3,000 King James biblical terms with additional helps: common testimony phrases, a suggested sinner's prayer, lists of biblical personal and place names, and a chart listing the differences in chapter-and-verse designations between Russian and English Bibles. Cost: $10.95.

The English-Russian Dictionary for a Christian Translator (Moscow: Triad, 1994), produced by a team of lexicographers headed by Mark Makarov, offers more advanced and comprehensive coverage of theological terms, along with warnings of words to avoid to best communicate accurately through translation. This 158-page reference work contains approximately 3,000 entries. Now in its second draft edition, the final volume will be available in summer 1995. Draft copies are available on a limited basis from the Moscow office of Russian Ministries. Cost:  $10.

Resources, East-West Church & Ministry Report, 2 (Fall 1994), 13-15.

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