East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 2, No. 4, Fall 1994, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe

Christianity in the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe:
Selected Serials for Keeping Current

Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press
A longstanding, highly professional service providing translations from the Soviet, and now, post-Soviet press. Timely coverage of all significant developments. Treatment of religion, though not extensive, is invaluable.
Robert Ehlers,
Executive Editor
3857 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43214-3747
Tel:  614-292-4234
Fax:  614-267-6310
$850-$900 institutional rate,
$90 affiliated faculty/student rate. Call for details.
East-West Church & Ministry Report
Seeks to encourage Western ministry in East Central Europe and the former Soviet Union that is effective, culturally sensitive, and cooperative. Stresses succinct summaries of critical issues, with frequent recommendations for further reading. Focuses on practical information including a wide variety of print and audio visual resources.
Mark Elliott, Wil Triggs, Coeditors
Institute for East-West Christian Studies
Billy Graham Center
Wheaton College
Wheaton, IL 60187-5593
Tel: 708-752-5917
Fax: 708-752-5555
E-mail: iewcs@david.wheaton.edu
$39 U.S.,
$44 Canada,
$49 international.
Call for lower multiple year rates.
The popular magazine of England's Keston Institute, for many years a major Western center for the study of religion in Communist countries. Frontier's strength is ferreting out a wide range of underreported stories from diverse sources, East and West.
Reed Business Publishing Ltd.
Oakfield House
Perrymount Rd.
Haywards Heath
West Sussex, RH16 3DH
10 issues/year
News Network International
A highly competent news service available to individuals as well as the media. Drawing upon staff writers and stringers on several continents, it highlights Christianity under duress worldwide. Provides extensive documentation of church-state relations, religious liberty issues, and interconfessional tensions in the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe. Additional relevent news services include Ecumenical News International, Religious News Service, and European Baptist Press Service.
Chris Woehr, Editor
Box 28001
Santa Ana, CA 92799
Tel:  714-775-4900
Fax:  714-775-7315
$75 non-media organization and individual rate.
Call for media outlet fees.
Religion in Eastern Europe (formerly Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe) 
Published by Christians Associated for Relationships with Eastern Europe, a Christian peace organization that has had close ties with the National Council of Churches and the former Christian Peace Conference. Authors from the mainline church and ecumenical world frequently publish in REE, but especially in recent years the journal has been a forum for a variety of perspectives.
Paul Mojzes, Editor
c/o Rosemont College
Rosemont, PA 19010
Tel: 610-527-0200 ext. 2350
Fax: 610-696-8970
Religion, State, and Society, the Keston Journal (formerly Religion in Communist Lands) 
This Keston Institute publication is the most important academic journal in the field of religion in Communist and post-Communist countries. Most articles in this highly regarded serial treat Christianity in the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe, but coverage does extend to other faiths and other continents.
Philip Walters, Editor
Box 25, Abingdon
OX14 3UE  United Kingdom
Tel: 01235-555-335; Fax: 01235-553-559
E-mail: Carfax@ibmpcug.co.uk

Carfax Publishing Co.
875-81 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel: 800-354-1420; 617-354-1425
Fax: 617-354-6875
E-mail: 75201.571@compuserve.com
$65 individuals
$214 institutions.

"Selected Serials for Keeping Current," East-West Church & Ministry Report, 2 (Fall 1994), 3.

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