East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1994, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe


Pubwatch reports that 28,000 new book titles were published in 1992 in Russia--the lowest number since 1937.  Seventy percent of these titles were translated from works by foreign authors.  Ninety percent of the translated works were pirated editions.

Founded in May 1990, Pubwatch focuses on promoting assistance for book publishers in the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe.  It conducts training programs, educational seminars, and international research programs.  Pubwatch's publications include:  Pubwatch Update, a free quarterly newsletter which serves as a clearinghouse for information on assisting book publishers in the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe; a free 1992 Directory of Organizations Assisting Book Culture in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, which provides key information for 39 programs in eight western countries; and The State and the Book Sector:  Relationships in Change, An Inventory of Government Policies (forthcoming, 1994). To order, send your request in writing to:

Pubwatch also sponsored the 1989  Bulgarian translation of A Guide to Book Publishing, by Datus C. Smith, which covers practical and professional aspects of book publishing.  The Bulgarian and English editions are available for $15 paper/$30 hardcover.  U.S. orders add $3; foreign book post add $4.  To order contact:

Guide to E-Mail for Russia
Mission Forum, now known as SEN-Research, has prepared a comprehensive guide to electronic mail for Russia. This practical and detailed report offers prospective e-mail users a step-by-step guide to the various options in hardware, as well as electronic mail networks, in-country sources, and e-mail addresses. A full review will be featured in an upcoming issue of the East-West Church & Ministry Report. To order a copy, contact:

Box 150 
81000 Bratislava 1, Slovakia 
Tel: 427-312-629 
Fax: 427-312-238 
Central European Missionary Fellowship 
Box 2191 
La Habra, CA 90632 
Tel: 310-697-7143 
Fax: 310-691-3468

New Study Bible for Russia
The Foundation for Reformation (Orlando, Florida) and Hanssler Publishing (Stuttgart, Germany) recently announced plans to print 300,000 copies of a new Russian-language study Bible. The New Geneva Study Bible supplements the Synodal translation of text with chapter introductions by J.I. Packer, outlines, study notes, sidebars, a concordance, maps, charts, timelines, character profiles, a dictionary of biblical words, and an index of key places. According to the Foundation for Reformation, American and German Christians are underwriting production costs.

Audio-Forum (AF) distributes audio and video cassettes in a wide variety of languages.  AF offers the Russian New Testament on 12 audio cassettes (18 hours) for $49.95.

A Wealth of Demographic Data on Religious Attitudes
Roger Russell Marketing has completed a 12-volume research project which analyzes religious attitudes in East Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. Because of the danger of open discussion of religion before the demise of communism, the people of these countries have had practically no experience with objective survey research on matters of faith.

Because of newfound freedom of expression, Roger Russiall Marketing has been able to conduct and analyze comparative survey data on religion which is exceptionally comprehensive. It truly is a unique tool for international Christian ministries planning work in East Central Europe or the former Soviet Union.

The East-West Church & Ministry Report, vol. 1 (Winter 1993), 14, reviewed the first eight volumes published in 1991. The most recent volumes, published in 1993, examine:

These four volumes ordered together cost 302, a savings of 43. The complete 12-volume set may be ordered for 476. Contact:
Resources, East-West Church & Ministry Report, 2 (Spring 1994), 13.

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