East-West Church & Ministry Report
Vol. 1, No. 1, Winter 1993, Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe


John Meyendorff, widely respected Orthodox theologian, former dean of St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary, died of cancer at age 66 on July 22, 1992.

Frantisek Tomasek, Roman Catholic cardinal and outspoken religious rights activist in Czechoslovakia, died of heart failure at the age of 93.

Nelson "Bud" Hinkson, a senior Campus Crusade staffer involved for many years in East European ministry, died on August 11,1992, as a result of head injuries sustained in a cycling accident in Germany. He was 58.

Alexander Dubcek, whose leadership in Czechoslovakia attempted "socialism with a human face" during the Prague Spring of 1968, died November 7, 1992. The attempted reforms in Czechoslovakia were crushed when Warsaw pact troops invaded in August 1968. Dubcek came into the political spotlight again in 1989, and  was named chairman of the federal parliament in 1990. He succumbed to multiple organ failures after a severe  auto accident, September 1. Dubcek was 70.

Hans Finzel has been named the new director of Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society. Prior to accepting this position, Finzel worked with Biblical Education by Extension (BEE) in Eastern Europe.

Washington's Institute on Religion and Democracy presented its 1992 Religious Freedom Award to Father Gleb Yakunin on October 4.  A Russian Orthodox priest, Yakunin was imprisoned from 1979 to 1986 for his criticism  of Soviet interference in church affairs. He was openly critical  of the cooperation of leading Orthodox clerics with the Communist Party. He is now    a member of the Russian Parliament. In giving Yakunin the award, IRD recognized his defense of religious rights and advocacy for religious and  political reform.

Brian Kingsmore has accepted the position of coordinator for Eastern Europe with Bible Christian Union, Hatfield, Pennsylvania. He is now involved in researching the needs and opportunities in the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe. Prior to accepting this position, he directed the evangelism and church-growth study program at Columbia Bible College and Seminary in South Carolina.

Rev. Casimir Pugevicius has returned to the diocese of Baltimore after serving for 16 years as executive director of Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid. He is now serving at St. Clement's Church in Baltimore.

Milestones, East-West Church & Ministry Report, 1 (Winter 1993), 13.

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