Special Theme Edition on the Current Ukrainian Crisis:   Volume 22, No. 3  (Summer 2014)

The East West Church &  Ministry Report has issued a special theme edition examining the impact of the current Ukrainian crisis on the church and ministries in Ukraine and Russia.

This theme issue is now available in pdf format in English,  Russian, and Ukrainian.

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The editor regrets the omission of portions of two sentences in the article by Andrei E. Blinkov,“Characteristics of Growing Churches in Russia: Pentecostal Case Study,” in the previous issue of the East-West Church and Ministry Report 18 (Spring2010), p. 11, column two. The two sentences above “Personal Spiritual Disciplines” should read:5. In the opinion of Russian ministers, among all spiritual disciplines, the highest correlation with church growth occurs with the existence of spiritual mentors. Participants from fast-growing churches were more than twice as likely to have spiritual mentors as their colleagues from stagnating churches