Letters to the Editor

I thought that the article about missionary stress in Moscow and Russia [Christine Currie, “Exposure to Trauma and Stress Among Missionaries in Moscow,” 14 (Summer 2006): 9-11] was outstanding! I believe that the author hit the nail on the head. So many missionaries in Moldova deal with the same problems. Just a month or so ago I learned that two missionaries had to wait in Budapest for 40 days before they were granted Moldovan visas.

I am so glad that you publish the Report. I like the work you are doing, and I believe that the East-West Church and Ministry Report can bless many people in former Soviet states as well as those interested in Eastern Europe.

Oleg Turlac, College of Theology and Education, Kishinev, MoldovaI have been a missionary in and out of Russia since 1990. EXCELLENT COMMENTS on your East-West Church & Ministry Report 13 (Fall 2005). My thoughts: I see fewer Westerners, but more Western money going from West to East. I think this is in part due to a growing understanding on the part of the church leadership in the former Soviet Union in obtaining funds from Western sources. Internet websites and personal visits from East to West have created the flow of finances. Also, the tremendous number of emigrants from the former Soviet Union adds to funds going back to family and church.

Anonymous Missionary